eRELEASE: Cebu Blogging Community and Philippine Eagle Online Teamed Up! 

Davao City, March 12, 2017 – Cebu Blogging Community (@CebuBloggingCommunity), the fastest growing open blogging group based in Cebu teamed up with Philippine Eagle Online to share content on their platforms. 

This step is geared towards the vision of bringing together bloggers and online influencers from the metros (Manila, Davao and Cebu) and enable readers to a to receive articles like Tech News, events, new and worthy lifestyle blog posts nationwide. 

CBC is a community-driven group formed to unite bloggers in Cebu under a collective purpose. It aims to establish camaraderie among bloggers, improve blogging skills of members, and provide support to bloggers aspiring to reach the top of their respective niches. The community embraces social responsibility by providing great content that promotes social awareness. 

Philippine Eagle Online exist to build social relations, interaction and engagement to readers and writers in the country. They do it by having an online community and collaborating with all kinds of blogs and their interconnections. It also serves as an online magazine that represents what’s new and noteworthy.


Jefrry Meting Puno



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