Special Edition: iPhone (Red)

Apple has introduced the special edition iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED. The most powerful product in so many ways.

We started hearing about a new iPhone launch early this year and the rumor has it that March is the month for the launch. It has all the features of your iPhone 7 but with a vibrant red matte finish. Which we think is a solid switch to reinventing iPhone appearance.

It comes with a (wired) EarPods with a lightning cable, lightning to USB cable and a 3.5″ lightning headphone jack adapter.

Most importantly every purchase of this launch will directly contribute to the global fund to fight AIDS under the long time Apple partner (RED).

For more than 10 years (RED) has been providing support to prevent HIV (mother to child) and this is thru counseling, testing and medicine. With a mission to bring us a step closer to an AID’s free generation.

Order starts on March 24 in the US and April for other countries. Models available are iPhone 7 (4.7″ display) and iPhone 7 Plus (5.5″ inch display).

Credits: Apple Pictures


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