Code 420 (Four-Twenty)

Picture from Wikipedia

So you may have seen and heard the buzz about the 420 over the web, and if you’re wondering what that is. We’ll here’s a quick rundown of interesting details about the code.

It was a meeting time for a group of high school students in San Rafael, California calling themselves “The Waldos” as they will disappear from school and meet at exactly 4:20 PM to get high (Stoned) on cannabis wayback 1971. Nowadays, being used by teens to mean smoking “Marijuana”.

Social media and other online platforms have used this terminology to kind of openly communicate the marijuana language. For example, in Tinder, a dating app, you may see profiles with “420 friendly” information and you already know what it means.

While some hotels refuse to use 420 as room numbers you may see the code on Airbnb, lodging reservation website wether if a place is weed friendly. See example below:


April 20 in North America is now a culture date celebrating it. This is where people will gather and consume cannabis. Event is also observed not only is the US but in other countries like London, UK and New Zealand.

Family Guy’s has an episode relating to the code. Check out the video below.

Today is April 20 and we’re posting this blog at exactly at 4:20 PM US Time (Pacific Standard). It’s meeting time Waldos!


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