Max’s New Rice Bowls

The words “Kare-Kare” and “Crispy Pata” are usually immediately connected with the word “celebration”. These Filipino dishes are the staples in every birthday, graduation, promotion, or even just a mere barkada meal. It is rarely ordered by an individual diner as it is commonly served in groups; and most restaurants serve these dishes in platters. So what happens when you’re craving for a plate of delicious kare-kare on one of your “Me Time” dates? You’d probably look for something to satisfy your hunger elsewhere because no restaurant serves singles of your craving, diba? Fortunately , Max’s Restaurant has come up with something to address all your me-time woes: Rice Bowls. 
Max’s New Rice Bowls were specially made for instances like the one I mentioned. It is made for whoever, whenever and get this: at an afforda-bowl price, too! 
For only Php 199.00, you can either get the Filipino classics of Kare-Kare or Crispy Pata with an ice-cold glass of your favorite pepsi product. Worth it!

Max’s Rice Bowls are available in all stores nationwide. For more information, you can visit their Facebook page or check out their Instagram here.


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