[Updated] Manila PubCrawl Invades Global City!

Manila Pub Crawl – the best bar hopping event, crawling the city lights of Manila. Happens every Saturday (from the island of Boracay) to the cities of the Metro. 

If you love of partying in multiple bars in one single night, then this is for you! The first and the number one bar tour activity in the country.

All yours for free when you join:

• Signature Button Pin / Iconic Yellow Shirt (You instantly get a free tee (or pin) upon registration – customize it!)

• Baller Bands – Your souvenir! Take it home and find the others!

• Free Access – Skip the line and get into 5 of the hottest bars around for free!

• Shot Glass – This is where you place the next free thing: Free shots!

• 10 free shooters -You read that right – 5 on the bars, 5 on us!

• Friends – Of course you get a new friend. Maybe five or more.

We joined one of their crawls, the Manila Pub Crawl BGC Route and boy, what a fantastic night that was! 

Our meet up point was in Aracama Manila, a modern Filipino bar, and restaurant with an overlooking terrace and view of the global city. We were welcomed by the super friendly team members of MPC and gave us our party kit.

 They wasted no time in giving us on of our freebies- friends, right off the bat we find ourselves joining an international gathering. We met our fellow guests and some of them are firm Australia, India, US and few others

After few minutes of cocktails and introductions, we headed to our next destination. Voodoo Lounge a sophisticated bar with cool sounds, lighting and visuals where we played games and had our second round of shots. 

Prive Luxury Club hosted our dance fest as guests especially members of MPC showcased their moves on the dance floor. We also played a game that tested our soberness and flexibility – Chinese Garter.

 We also had games at the streets on the way to the other bar . T’was cool because you’ll never know what’s the gonna happen, we were called out the by the security card but that’s was okay as we’re having fun. 

Valkyrie and Palace Pool Club were the other destinations. Bonifacio High Street (part of it) was filled with awesome partyphiles wearing the iconic yellow button pins and baller bands “Turning Strangers into Friends!”

Want to experience party? 

Call/text at 0916 426 1514 (Globe), email over at manilapubcrawl@gmail.com or just message us on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ManilaPubCrawl/)

Photo Credits: Manila Pub Crawl and Romnil Caldazora 


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