Max’s New Rice Bowls

The words "Kare-Kare" and "Crispy Pata" are usually immediately connected with the word "celebration". These Filipino dishes are the staples in every birthday, graduation, promotion, or even just a mere barkada meal. It is rarely ordered by an individual diner as it is commonly served in groups; and most restaurants serve these dishes in platters. … Continue reading Max’s New Rice Bowls

What to Expect: Sisig Fiesta 2017 in Pampanga

The Angeles City Tourism is scheduled to host a palate challenging event, the Sisig Fiesta 2017.  The festival will further heat up the summer as hot plates will be served with all types and varieties of our all time favorite dish, Sisig!  An authentic Kapampangan dish that is now extremely popular nationwide - and abroad. Originally … Continue reading What to Expect: Sisig Fiesta 2017 in Pampanga